My Story

I thought large breasts would save me, instead, it almost cost me my life.

I had always dreamed of a larger chest my whole life and thought my prayers had been answered when I learned about breast implants. I thought, "Could I really have a DD chest? Oh my gosh this is a dream come true!" I had them put in, but little did I know that someday they would become my worst nightmare. Five years later I became extremely ill with them from an illness called Breast Implant Illness and almost lost my life.

I started having symptoms well before the 5-year mark, but I didn’t know that they were related to my breast implants. I felt like my body was falling apart at a rapid pace even though I followed a very healthy diet and am a life-long runner.  

When the shit hit the fan, I ended up with 50 different symptoms and found myself in the ER four times in one month.   That was when I realized something was very wrong!

My life had turned into a complete catastrophe. The worst thing was nothing was showing up on any tests the doctors performed. My body was shutting down and I was literally losing my bodily functions one at a time. and no one knew why. This illness brought me to my knees! I was so sick and completely traumatized. I felt so scared and wasn’t sure if I would survive.

I have never felt so disempowered in my life.  I could no longer work, as I was mainly stuck on the couch due to the illness.

I decided to listen to intuition and started doing some of my own research. I found a Facebook group that confirmed my suspicions. I had many of the symptoms that mirrored others in the group. 

I knew deep down I needed to get these implants out as soon as possible, as I knew my days were numbered.

I had 5 consults for breast implant removal.  Some of those surgeons completely invalidated that it was my implants that were making me sick.

The last surgeon I went to was actually a breast cancer surgeon and a micro-surgeon.  She  literally saved my life. She sat me down and told me that doctors are scientists and want proof for the cause of the symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms are flying under the radar. She has seen hundreds of women come to her office with similar stories and symptoms as myself..  After they get the implants out, they start to feel better and heal from the illness.  Some took longer than others, however.

I sobbed in her office that day because someone had finally validated me that I was sick with my breast implants.  I was not going crazy and I found someone who was finally listening and believed me.

I had the surgery to have them removed. I had a procedure call “en bloc” to remove both the implants and the surrounding scar tissue all in one piece. My surgeon did tell me that my body was severely inflamed, and it was a good thing we got them out when we did.

During my healing process, my life started to shift in a positive direction.  I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and really dug deep inside myself to find the bravery, strength and courage to become the person I am today. 

I went through a lot of healing both inside and out during that time. I look at this journey as a blessing.  It gave me a huge wake-up call and a chance to become the person I always dreamed I could be.

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